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Board of Supervisors:

Jennifer Matarrese, Chairperson / Road Master
Mathew J Hogg, Vice-Chairperson / Supervisor in Charge of Public Safety

Michael Valencic, Supervisor

Pamela L. Bowser

Tax Collector:
Lisa Boltz
104 Elsie Lane
Kittanning, PA 16201

Charlton Law – Township Solicitor
James Favero – Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor

Young and Associates

Planning Board:
David Metz, Chairperson
Patrick Ritrosky

Debbie Miller
Joseph Gispanski
Joe Mangini

Zoning Hearing Board:
William Ondriezek, Chairperson
Kyle Goldinger
Karen Valencic

Vacancy Board:
Harry Patton

Public Safety:
Police Chief – Jason Hufhand
Fire Marshal – David Orton

Codes Enforcement:
North Buffalo Township Police Department

Zoning Officer:  
Vince Venturino

Kittanning Suburban Joint Water Authority Board:
Harry Patton
Steve Moore
Patrick Ritrosky
Bill Swank

West Hills Area Water Pollution Control Authority Board:
Ken Lazan
Patrick Ritrosky